Cheap Thrill

Just wanted cheap thrill so decided get Alien Chaos 3D on Eshop.

Originally known as Clean House 3D, Ludosity’s keenly-priced shooter is a sequel to Xbox Live Arcade indie release Mama & Son Clean House.

That game was designed to be played in co-op (but could be played with one person controlling two characters for the uber hardcore) and featured a mother and son duo teaming up in a dual assault on a bunch of alien robot animals, with Mama literally cleaning up pieces of the dispatched enemies as her son goes to town with the shooters.

However 3DS version is single player affair, with the storyline taking Mama out of the equation by having her abducted by Animal aliens.

Her boy now has to not only rescue his old dear, but compensate for her absence by destroying the plethora of robotic enemies and tidying up after himself.

Game features -

story mode - 5 chapters - 20 levels including 5 boss battles.

Challenge mode - 9 levels

Special weapon recycle upgrade system - recycle scrap metal from fallen foes and ammo shells to upgrade your weapon into a machine gun, Rocket Launcher, Spread Gun etc.

Simple & easy control helps you fire in 8 directions.

Shoot, Recycle, Clean, get highest score possible share with your friends ver Streetpass.

Pretty happy with it and it was only £3.59 so nice cheap and though shoot through story mode pretty quickly. It’s one of them games were you will want to return and try aim for high score and unlock bronze,Sliver,Gold medals each stage :)